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The idea was noble, and the second-screen experience was far more useful than that of the aforementioned samsung continuums. Still, the whole thing felt forced, and splitting the physical qwerty keyboard into two to make room for what was little more than a glorified secondary apps tray didnt make for the most intuitive typing experience in the world.
Sr.No. Name Occupation Special Achivement
1. Er. S. I. Bhingare Executive Director Sinchan Bhavan, Thane
2. Er. S. .S. Pakhare CE, MKVDC
3. Er. H. Y. Kolawale CE, Hydro Project, Nasik
4. Er. E. B. Patil CE, Specifed Projects Sinchan Bhavan
5. Er. A. R. Kore SE, CADA, Solapur
6. Er. H. T. Mendhigiri SE & joint Director WALMI, Aurangabad
7. Er. B. B. Patil SE, KI Circle, Ratnagiri
8. Er. H. K. Tonpe SE, Bhima Canal Circle, Solapur
9. Er.S. M. Upase SE, IPWRI Circle, Pune
10. Er. C. A. Birajdar SE, Chandrapur
11. Er. D. N. Modak SE, Koyana Const. Circle, Satara
12. Er. B. C. Kunjir Under Secretrary (M.I.) Mantralay
13. Er. Mukul Parikh Consulting Engineer
14. Er. Pramod Beri Consulting Engineer
15. Er. Deepak Shinde Industrialist
16. Er. Rajas Doshi Industrialist
17. Er. Mahindra Barde Consultant
18. Er. C. J. Doijad Retd. Chief Engineer
19. Dr. S. S. Karandikar Principal, JJM COE, Jaysingpur
20. Dr. M. R. shiyekar Principal, ADCET, Ashta
21. Dr. S. S. santpur Retd. Principal, TKEIT, Waranagar
22. Dr. B. Subbarao Consultant
23. Prof. M. V. Jogalekar Retd. Principal, RIIT, Islampur
24. Er. V. R. Jogalekar Industrialist
25. Er. Ram Jadhav Contractor, Pratibha Construction
26. Prof. A.V. Patki Director ISRO Bangalore
27. Dr. R. A. Katti Head Thermal Systems, ISRO, Bangalore
28. Dr. Sadanand D. Joshi Oil Exploration Consultant, USA.
29. Shri. J. P. Khandikar Retired Colonel member of Antartica Expedition.
30. Shri. Prashant Kamat Sr. Manager R & D, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, With the help of this feature, one can hear whats happening around the cell phone as the software would make a hidden call to the target cell phone and the call would be auto-accepted. This feature is great for listening to the conversations taking place in the room the target is in and it is one of the most talked about feature when people write a review for thetruthspy. Mumbai
31. Dr. P. A. Kulkarni Vice Chancellor, Manipur-Sikkim University.
32. Dr. S. G. Joshi Emeritus Professor
33. Dr. S. D. Madnaik Director, Walchand College of Engg., Sangli.
34. Dr. G. S. Tasgaonkar Principal, Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Pune.
35. Mr. Rajesh Kulkarni Customers support Division, New York
36. Mr. Bhalerao Software Engineering, Sun Micro System, U.S.A.
37. Mr. Manwadkar Software Consultant, U.S.A.
38. Mr. Choubey S. Software Engineer, Oracle Inc. U.S.A.
39. Mr. Prasad Deshmukh Software Engineer, Cognigent Systems, Pune
40. Mr. J. G. Kanitkar Software Engineer, NetBrahma Ltd., Bangalore
41. Dr. G. S. Chinchwadkar Software Consultant, Motorola, U.S.A.
42. Shri. D. L. Pandhare Senior System Manager, VSNL, Cochin, India
43. Shir. J.G.Kanitkar Software Engineer, NetBrahma Ltd., Bangalore