For complete peace of mind, and unlike any other software available – if you lose your access key or download the keys from the online account you will lose all access to your encrypted data. In this scenario there is absolutely nothing to recover the stored data, except reset your account by generating new client/ account keys and issuing you with a completely new access check this out key. Your recorded data is completely lost and inaccessible by anyone including administrators. We thank the following donors who have strengthened the alumni association.

Name City Donation Amount
Shri. Prataprao Shirke 50000.00/-
Shri. A. G. Deshpande Kolhapur 50000.00/-
Shri. P. D. Kanetkar Pune 50000.00/-
Sou.Prabha Kulkarni Sangli 25000.00/-
Shri. V. P. Pathak Pune 11000.00/-
Shri. D. H. Gadade 10000.00/-
Sou. D. Dastur Mumbai 10000.00/-
Shri. E. G. Suhawalla Mumbai 10000.00/-
Dr. P. A. Kulkarni Sangli 6000.00/-
Shri. G. K. Chonkar Mumbai 5555.00/-
Shri. J. P. Patankar Sangli 5051.00/-
Shri. K. J. Karkare Pune 5000.00/-
Shri. N. L. Tikekar Sangli 5000.00/-
Shri. M. B. Kamble 5000.00/-
Shri. P. V. Kulkarni Sangli 5000.00/-
Shri. S. G. Kanitkar Sangli 5000.00/-
Shri. Keke Mohedjina 5000.00/-
Shri. H. B. Charna 5000.00/-
Shri. M. N. Keravala Mumbai 5000.00/-
Shri. P. Y. Gadgil Pune 5000.00/-
Shri. S. R. Sohoni Pune 5000.00/-
Shri. A. P. Koregaonkar Kolhapur 5000.00/-
Shri. Pramod Beri Kolhapur 5000.00/-
Shri. H. J. Shah 5000.00/-