Memories of college as a student:

Memories as a student:
1) I joined the college for F.E. in1958, and passed B.E.(Civil) in June 1961, from Poona University. Along with me S.V. Gharpure, M.G. Kulkarni, Maj.Gen. Bansilal Tikoo, D.G.Phadke, G.K. Deshpande (Secretary and Chief Enginneer Maharshtra Govt.) were in Civil Course. B.D. Kelkar, R.R. Mirlekar, M.S. Joshi (Cricket and Table tennis Player) etc. were from Mech. Course. S.W. Atre, Shahane Pushpa Watwe and Prabha Ketkar etc. were from Electrical Course. These two ladies were our College first lady students. Prabha Ketkar is the daughter of Prof. V.V.Ketkar , who was HOD of Maths Dept. of Walchand College. He happened to be the grandson of Lokamanya Tilak. I worked on the College Faculty for 30 years from 1968 to 1998 and retired as Asst. Professor in the Applied Mechanics Dept.
2) I was a bit lucky to be associated with Walchand College of Engg. Sangli right from its begining. This is because, I was staying in Sangli from 1940 with my aunt, and her husband Shri. Hari Gopal Patwardhan, then retired Executive Engineer . He was associated with Shri. Dhondumama Sathe, Shri. Gangadhar Neelkanth Gohale, then retired executive Engineer (from Sakkar Barrage, now in Pakistan.),and the first Principal of the College, Shri. Darshane, Shri. Modak and others, who were the founders of the College.
Shri. Dhondumama Sathe was the Main Founder member. He first was keen to open an engineering college in Pune, but was somewhat opposed to open it there, because already there existed Govt. College of Engineering. He was advised to seek this possibility in Mysore state (now Karnataka) and South Bombay State (now Maharashtra). At also the same time, H.H. Chintamanrao Dhundiraj Patwardhan , Rajesaheb of Sangli, invited Shri. Sathe, to open the College in Sangli. Finally it was decided to start the College in the British Govt. area between the States of Sangli and Miraj. Here presently the College is situated. The land was purchased from land owners and the construction of various buildings was done. The College was named as New Engineering College, Sangli. H.H. Patwardhan, Rajesaheb Of Sangli genereously donated Rs. One lakh in 1947 (worth Rs. One crore in 2008) and once more Rs. One lakh in 1954. There was no conditions laid by H.H. Rajasaheb, which is as unique .The College Council has built up a carved stone in the enttrace of the main building, Tilak Hall (under the College Clock). However, the financial situation sooner became acute. Walchand Trust from Mumbai came forward and donated Rs. Five Lakhs, in 1955. The College became Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli. Five seats in the F.E. were reserved for the nominees from the Walchand Trust, and this arrangement is still continued to be so.
Filip 2 pricing comes in read article around 9.99, plus a monthly fee for phone service. The device only allows you to store and contact five numbers and only has one ringtone, which seems very limited for the cost. Development:- In 1947, only Civil Engg. Course was started, and the College was affiliated to the Pune University. In 1955, Mechanical and Electrical Engg. Course were introduced. That year, Diploma Courses in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical were started. In 1983 or so Computer and Electronics, and in 1996 or so, Information Technology Courses were begun. In 1965 or so Post Graduate courses in Civil, Mech. And Elecrtrical branches were introduced.
In 1960's, Hostels ( Development Hostels D1, D2, D3 etc) were built up and provision of about 550 students was made available. Prof. P.S. Abhyankar was Engineer I/C from College side. Mali Contractors (Near Sangli Gymkhana) were the chief Contractors. It is very much interested to note that construction cost that time was only Rs. 18/- per sq.ft. (i.e. Rs. 180 per sq.mtetre.) In due course of time, construction of various buildings was undertaken, till to date and in 2008, the construction of Ajitchand Gulabchand library building was completed.
Rector Prof. V.V. Barve :- No description about teachers or even the College is complete without describing Prof.V.V.Barve in details. As per our knowledge, he came to the College from Defense Services. Hence he had Military mind attitude and actions all the time. He was the Rector of the hostels almost from beginning till his retirement. He worked very hard in the interest of the College and the students. Prof. Barve used to physically stand on each and every work, which were carried through his servants Viththal was his very obedient chief assistant, who literally followed his instructions.
This story was somewhere in 1970, when I was a lecturer and was associated with the Surveying dept. That time for F.E. and S.E.(Civil) some survey projects were conducted near Ramling Hill some 3 km from Hatkanangle on Sangli-Kolhapur road. The S.T. bus used to be reserved on such days. The bus leaves at 5-00 A.M. sharp from Earth's globe in front of Tilak Hall. Late comers were then required to make their own arrangements to reach the project site. Even then the person was required to face the anger of Prof. Barve.
I was at that time staff member connected with Surveying. We were residing in the Rainbow Quarters in the easternmost part of the College. Once I was only slightly late, but just in front of me, the bus passed and then I went hurridly to Shrikrishna Hotel, in front of old railway station Sangli, where we used to have break fast there. I could catch up our team there. I appoloised and Prof. Barve made just HOOM, and that was all.

Prof. Barve and Mrs. Barve though very strict, had very affectionate and love to all the students. If some one falls sick, they used to take him in own house, if necessary and look after them like parents. Any past student meeting anytime, first asked about Prof. Barve.

Onlar telefon numaras ile takip de yapabiliyorlar. Principals :- First Principal, Gangadhar Neelkanth Gokhale, was working in the PWD in Govt. Of Bombay, as Executive Engineer on the Sakkar Barrage and Sindh Province. They are now in Pakistan, but that time they were in the Bombay Province it the undivided Hindusthan consisting India, Pakistan, Bangla, Srilanka, Miamar (Burma then), Nepal, etc.
Principal Gokhale's autobiography named "MAZE AUSHYACHA CHITRAPAT' in 2-3 copies was/is available in the College Library. The book is excellent to the extent that every engineer must read and follow this book. He also gave the SLOGAN, "STAND ERECT, LOOK STRAIGHT AND ACT'. This SLOGAN can be seen on the huge curtain of the Tilak Hall and Open Air Theatre.
Along with Prin. Gokhale Prof.M.R.Deodhar (Mech. Dept.), B.M.Nene and others working in Sindh area also joined the College.
Prof. M.R.Deodhar and Prof. S.G.Bam were taking Drawing periods, and were considered to be very strict. Whenever the student approached them showing the drawing sheet, it was examined critically, and was asked to carry out corrections pointed out. Then only the student was permitted to fair the drawings. When such a student was allowed to do so, he used to proudly show the same to other students saying that he is now permitted to fair the drawings. Shri. B.M.Nene was the Adm. Officer, and was very tall, strong and stout and had good personality, to the extent that when he used to move in the verandah, students thought of him as the Principal, and disappear from his sight.
K.V.Kardile, C.G. Kale (then Retd. Chief Engineer of the Bombay State), G.R.Vartak were next Principals, worked as Principals up to 1955. Because of financial difficulties always, Govt. of Maharashtra formed the new Adminstrative Council headed by N.Dandekar, and Prin. V.K.Kelkar (working as Professor in Mech. Engg.Dept. in Govt. College of Engineering Pune) made as Principal of the College. Same time, Walchand Trust Mumbai donated handsome amount of Rs. 5 Lakh, and the College became Walchand College Of Engineering Sangli. Prin. Kelkar resumed his office for 12 years, from 1955 to 1967. He was then succeeded by Prin. G.C. Kanitkar for 8 years from 1967 to 1975. Prin. Dr. P.A. Kulkarni had a longest tenure till so far, for 18 years from 1981 to 1997.
Some of good old faculty members are as follows :-
In earlier financial difficulties some eminent engineers worked really honorary. Shri. B.H. Patwardhan worked in Mech. Dept as Professor on Re. 1 salary per month. Shri. S.B. Joshi was owner of S.B. Joshi and Co. Mumbai (very successful Construction Company who have constructed many important bridges and tunnels). He used to come up and down every Saturdays and Sundays with his own expenses, on monthly salary of Re.1.
Güneş enerjisi ile çalşrlar ve en az 10 yl kullanlmak üzere tasarlanmşlardr. Ayrca güneş enerjisi kesintilerine karş (güneş tutulmas vs.) yedek bataryalar ve yörünge düzeltmeleri için de küçük ateşleyici roketleri vardr. Civil Dept. :- Prof. G.D. Joglekar, M.A. Brahmanalkar worked as H.O.D. Prof. G.D. Joglekar's birth centenary was held on 22-1-2008 at Pune and about 50 past students attended the function. Venugopal, V.V.Barve (Rector), R.S. Risbud, P.S. Abhyankar, R.T. Ranade, Dr. B. Subbarao and many others were some other predominant staff members. M.D.Patwrdhan and K.R. Patwardhan were responsible for Surveying section.
Express package mobile spy free download windows xp sp2 hotfix services (back to top). App. Mech. Dept. :-Prof. V.A. Joshi was Vice Principal for a long time, retired sometime in 1967. He was so quick in solving of complex structrural frames, that in1960 social gathering, he was presented some complex and ambiguous frame as a token of gift. Dr. P.N. Gore (then shifted to Australia), M.D. Bhate contributed to the dept. Dr. K.T.Krishnaswami, headed the App.Mech. Dept from 1968 to 1997 or so and also was Vice Principal of the College for a long time. Dr. B.P.Parikh, P.B.Doifode etc. also were contributing well.
Electrical Dept:- SP. Kukade (Author of well known Electrical Engg. Text Book., R.T.Tilawalli, V.V. Lokare S.D.Phatak, V.G. Kulkarni and others were on front line.
Other Depts.:- V.V.Ketkar, Dr.R.N. Aranake , K.A.Auti from Maths. , C.V.Kunte from Chemistry, V.M. Kulkarni from Physics, Bhandari, S.D. Phadnis from English were straw department heads. Incidently, Prof.C.V. Kunte worked very hard, and because of him, Pension to retired staff of the College is smoothly, and promptly is now possible.

Some of the prominent Past Students : - V.D. Chhatre B.E.(Civil) from 1959 Batch was the first one who was selected on UPSC, and rose to the Chief Engineer and Secretary of the Govt. of Marashtra. He was followed by V.G. Lagwankar, G.K. Deshpande, M.D. Pendse who also held the same positions.

The BORDER ROADS ORGANISATION of the Govt. of India, carries out construction and maintenance of Border Roads on Our country Borders in Himalayan terrains like Ladakh, Uttranchal,Bhutan, Nefa, etc. Three of our Past Students almost topped the highest positions. Ati Vishishsta Seva Medal holder Major General Bansilal Tikoo (BE Civil,1961), Maj.Gen. S.N. Mane, Brigadier G.L. Bhor worked hard for the Nation. Maj.Gen. Bansilal tikoo had visited the College on 2 and 3 MAY 1998 and had presided over the Seminar on Railway Bridges and Road Bridges.
Adi Engineer was Managing Director of well known Tata Power Co., Prabha Kulkarni(Ghatge) is the owner of large factories. Many more were/are in such high positions in the industry.
Many past students and faculty members had written engineering articles in National and International magazines. B.L. Mahabal was professor in VJTI, Mumbai, and additionally was author of good humorous articles in Marathi magazines like Mohini. V.M. Diwan Mech. Dept. had also contributed good articles in magazines
From 1982 and onwards, many Unaided Engineering Colleges were/are started under the guidance and help of then Chief Minister Dada, for the benefit of students community as a large, and the Maharashtra State in general. Walchand College have contributed by providing the Principals to them. G.C. Kanitkar raised the Budhgaon College and Jaisingpur College. S.S. Santpur at Warananagar, M.V. Joglekar at Sakharale, H.K. Abhyankar at VIT Pune, R.N. Aranake at Jaisingpur, S.S. Karandikar at Jaisingpur, Dr. M.D. Madnaik at Solapur, Dr. M.S. Shykar at Ashta, Vishram Bapat at Ashta, Dr. S.M. Kulkarni in Mumbai and Pune are some of them. They have credit of bringing colleges to very reputations.

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