Retired Teachers List -2

Following list gives some additional names of teachers who retired from the college . Please help in compiling Dates of Joining and retirement, present status, photo and addresses of all retired teachers or their families.( Send all the information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Name Department Date of Retirement
Manohar D. Bhate App. Mech.
Gore App. Mech.
Dr. B. M. Parikh App. Mech.
C. V. Kunte Chemistry
M. D. Patwardhan Civil
K. D. Nargunde Civil
Dr. S. S. Santpur Civil
M. V. Jogalekar Civil
M. G. Deomane Civil
J. M. Gadgil Civil
R. S. Tilwalli Electrical
V. G. Kulkarni Electrical
M. R. Deodhar Electrical
C. G. Joshi Electrical
N. K. Chitale English
V. K. Kelkar Mechanical
G. C. Kanitkar Mechanical
S. G. Bam Mechanical
B. D. Kelkar Mechanical
M. R. Deodhar Mechanical
Dr. L. N. Sathe Physics
R. G. Miskin Mechanical
G. K. Deshpande
R. V. Kulkarni Civil
D. G. Gadgil Electronics
Rammurty Civil
A. W. Jogalekar Mechanical
V. R. Mainkar Mechanical
Chandrakant Bedekar App. Mech.
Gopal Sadashiv Shiralkar Civil
D. B. Kulkarni
R. D. Kulkarni
A. B. Mahendrakar
S. S. Kulkarni Civil
A. S. Salunkhe Civil
B. L. Mahabal Civil
Mohan M. Dandekar Civil
Y. G. Kale Electrical
Raghunath G. Kale Civil
B. S. V. B. Naidu Mechanical
Thakkar App. Mech.
R. B. Kulkarni App. Mech.
S. D. Awale App. Mech.
S. V. Potdar Mechanical
M. R. Belsare Geology
K. V. Panse Geology
Aina Mechanical
Tengshe Electronics