Constitution 4

Çocuğunuzun gereğinden fazla bilgisayar kullanmasndan endişe duyuyorsanz yada evinizde birden fazla çocuğunuz var ve bilgisayar için kavga ediyorlarsa bu program tam sizin için. Çocuk kontrol program özellikleri:. Her kullanc için farkl kullanm süresi tanmlama. 14. a. Every meeting of the Governing Body shall be presided over by the President. If the President/ is not present at any meeting, the members shall choose one of them to be the Chairman of the meeting.
b. 2/3 rd Members of the Governing Body present in person shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Governing Body
c. If at a general meeting convened otherwise than on requisition a quorum is not present within 15 minutes of the time of commencement of the meeting, the same shall stand adjourned to the same day but 30 minutes thereafter at the same place. At such adjourned meeting the Members present shall from the quorum.
d. Notice of the meeting of Governing Body : Not less than seven clear day's notice of every meeting of the Governing Body shall be given to each member of the Governing Body who is for time being in India. A meeting may however, be called at a shorter notice.
1 if the members of the Governing Body unanimously agree to waive the objection or
2 if the President thinks is an emergency and a meeting should be immediately called.
e A meeting of the Governing Body shall be convened by the Secretary as and when necessary under a notice of seven days. However, the Governing Body shall meet at least four times in a year.
f All questions at a meeting of the Governing Body shall be decided by a majority of votes and in case of any equality of votes, the Chairman shall have casting vote.
g A declaration by the Chairman the Resolution has been carried or lost and any entry to that effect in the books of proceedings of the APS shall be conclusive evidence of that fact.
h Business by Circulars : Any business in which it may be necessary for the Governing Body to transact (except such as may be placed before its General Body Meeting) may be transacted by circulating and approved by two-thirds of the members signing the circular shall be as effectual and binding as if such Resolutions had passed in a meeting of the Governing Body.
i Proceedings of all meetings of the Governing Body shall be duly recorded in the minutes books to be kept for the purpose.
The Governing Body shall function notwithstanding any vacancy and not act or proceedings of the Governing Body shall be invalidated merely by reasons of the existence of the vacancy or vacancies among its members and any defect to the appointment or election of any of its members
The Governing Body may open account / accounts with Banks in the name of the APS and the same shall be operated by such persons as may be authorized by the Governing Body from time to time. The Governing Body may keep term deposits in Nationalized Banks / Credit Co-Op. Society of W.C.E. and in other approved securities
17 The Treasurer shall :
a have custody of all funds of the APS which shall be deposited in an approved bank subject to his retaining a floating balance in cash not exceeding any amount decided by Governing Body from time to time. Accounts or cash balance in hand and at the bank should be submitted at every meeting of the Governing Body.
b pass receipts for all money received.
c keep a correct and detailed account of all income and expenditure of the APS.
d make payment only when supported by a voucher signed by the President / Secretary and countersigned by himself.
e prepare a statement of Income and Expenditure before every Governing Body meeting for the consideration of the Governing Body and confirmation.
f submit to members at the General Body Meeting a detailed income and expenditure account together with the Balance Sheet for the year, duly certified by the Auditor appointed by the Governing Body.
The Governing Body shall have powers to make such By-laws and rules and regulations, as may be considered necessary in the interest of the APS subject to the approval of members of the General Body Meeting.
These Rules and Regulations may be altered, modified, rescinded or added to by special resolutions passed by the members in General Body Meeting called for the purpose by three fifth majority of the members present at such meeting.
Elections of 1 to 6 members who are due to retire (Ref. No. 17 (a)) would be held every five years. Nominations for above members of the General Body would be called by the Board of Conveners appointed by the Governing Body, one month before the General Body meeting of the APS of that year. Nomination forms would be scrutinized by the Board of Conveners
Thereafter the elections would be held at the General Body meeting by show of hands. The members so elected will co-opt other 5 members of association to form 11 members member Governing Body.